831 Storytellers

Explore, Inspire and Enrich the Human Experience through Storytelling



Our mission is to serve as an outlet for Storytelling in all its forms.  We provide a monthly opportunity to share tales of the human experience, plus round-robin feedback to make your Storytelling more effective. Learn from and help others become more skillful Storytellers. 

 In-Person and Online

We incorporate hybrid technology to allow Storytellers in and out of the 831 area code to participateChoose our Scotts Valley Water District conference room for the most impact, or our Zoom option for convenience.

What We've Done

Originally part of Toastmasters International, we've helped Storytellers hone their skills in a friendly, non-judgmental environment since 2015.  Members have gone on to competitions and won multiple awards.

In July 2023, we became a fully independent, Moth-inspired group -  solely focused on the art of Storytelling - with no holds barred!

 Stories that Connect - Examples

Lucky Dog  - Contest Speech
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