831 Storytellers

Explore, Inspire and Enrich the Human Experience through Storytelling



Our mission is to serve as an outlet for Storytelling in all its forms.  We provide a monthly opportunity to share tales of the human experience, plus round-robin feedback to make your Storytelling more effective. Learn from and help others become more skillful Storytellers. 

 In-Person and Online

Our informal event is on Zoom and at the Scotts Valley Water District, Santa Margarita Room, 2 Civic Center Dr, Scotts Valley

What We've Done

Originally part of Toastmasters International, we've helped Storytellers hone their skills in a friendly, non-judgmental environment since 2015.  Members have gone on to competitions and won multiple awards.

In July 2023, we became a fully independent, Moth-inspired group -  solely focused on the art of Storytelling - with no holds barred!

 Stories that Connect - Examples

Lucky Dog  - Contest Speech
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